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I updated/changed the theme to something new,its based a bit on XDA(i recommend this community) and build up the base of bones.

How to calibrate your Nexus 7

Hello readers.

In this post i will show you on how to calibrate your gyroscope and be able to play any gyroscope/accelerometer game the way its meant to be played.
Today we shal correct the foes that ASUS/Google has smītan up on us!

The first thing to do is download and install GPS Status & Toolbox

Put your tablet on a flat ground, your floor for example.
Than open the app, tap the Menu button»Tools»Calibrate roll/pan»Calibrate(2nd/middle button).

It should all be fine now.

Tegra 2 games on none tegra devices

How to setup and play tegra 2 games on any android strong enough!

The first step is to make sure that your Android phone has at least 1.0 GHz processor and is S-Off, rooted with Recovery installed.

Now download and install Chainfire 3D Pro version from Android Market on your phone.

Once the installation is complete, download the plugins.

After this connect your phone to the computer, mount SD Card as disk drive and copy

Once done, tap on CF3D app icon on your home screen.
After the app launches, tap on CF3D Driver and select Install Plugin.

Now in the resulting pop up radio button menu, tap on NVIDIA.

Now CF3D will attempt to install the required driver and reboot if installation is successful.

After your device reboots, launch CF3D app again and tap on Default OpenGL Settings.
Once you are in Default OpenGL Settings, tap on Use Plugin and select NVIDIA.
Once done, head back to Chainfire 3D main screen and tap on Fix Market Settings.

the plugins it supports

Download Chainfire 3D:

Market link (mobile): market://details?id=eu.chainfire.cf3d

Market link (desktop):